Terms & Conditions

Last Update: Feb 2020
1. The BK Star Challenge is a 60-day app challenge applicable for Malaysian/Bruneian Amway Business Owners (ABOs).
2. Online registration and weigh-in submission period starts from 22 June 2020 (from 10am-10pm) to 28 June 2020 (from 10am-3pm). Any late submissions will not be entertained. On 28 June 2020 (Last day of registration and weigh-in), any rejected entries can be resubmitted before 10pm. Any resubmissions after 10pm on 28 June 2020 will not be entertained.
3. Everyone starts the challenge on 29 June 2020 (Monday; from 10am) and ends the challenge on 27 August 2020 (Thursday; at 9.59am). Weigh-out submission period is from 27 August 2020 (from 10am-10pm) to 30 August 2020 (from 10am-3pm). Any late submissions will not be entertained. On 30 August 2020 (Last day of weigh-out), any rejected entries can be resubmitted before 10pm. Any resubmissions after 10pm on 30 August 2020 will not be entertained
4. All verifications and approvals will take up to 24 hours for processing.
5. Upon online website registration, all members must register under the BodyKey app (version 2.1) for the Star Challenge from 22 – 28 June 2020 (10am to 10pm daily). Please change your display name in the BK app according to your Full Name as per your NRIC. Failure to register for the Star Challenge on the app will result in disqualification although you have registered online through the BodyKey website.
6. Members must also possess the InBodyWATCH in order to collect the desired star points.
7. There is only one weigh-in and one weigh-out required. Choose one date from the options given. No other dates will be entertained. Failure to do this will result in an automatic disqualification from the challenge and rewards. Should there be appeals, it must have valid reasons and proof: (for example: The appeal will be accepted with valid reason to carry out the weigh-in and weigh-out on a different date/time. However, the team will not be eligible for top rewards).
8. Every weight measurement must be done using the InBody Dial. Other weighing machines/ devices are strictly not allowed.
9. Members can only take 1 weight/fat reading per video. Any other extra readings will not be entertained.
10. All ABO members must wear a fitted white t-shirt during the weigh-in and weigh-out sessions.
11. Members must possess a smartphone – iPhone 4S and above or an Android phone. You are ineligible to join the Star Challenge if you do not own a smartphone.
12. Each member’s BMI must be above 18.5kgm2.
13. Each receipt is entitled to one registration only. If the receipt is a duplicate, the application will be rejected.
14. To join the BK Star Challenge, form a team of 3 with an appointed Team Leader. Everyone must be an ABO. Each member must purchase the BK Jump Start Kit bundle (Cash:292856/EPP: 292857/ZIPP: 292858) with an option to PWP InBody Dial (292828) or InBodyWATCH (281606-S/M & 281608-M/L). The Team Leader must purchase the BK Jump Start Kit and PWP InBody Dial in order to coach/lead team. 15. Qualifying purchase of BodyKey Jump Start Kit must be made starting from 8 June 2020. Purchases must be made under the members’ ABO number. Volume down is allowed.
16. The BK Jump Start Kits with respective PWPs are open for sale from 8 June 2020 (Monday) for Platinums and Above, and open to all ABOs from 15 June 2020 (Monday). IMPORTANT: Proof of purchase i.e. receipts must be submitted during online weigh-in (1 ABO per transaction per receipt).
17. Those who purchased the BK Jump Start Kit from 1 June to 7 June 2020 (Cash: 283411/EPP: 284522/ZIPP: 284521) with an option to PWP Blend-N-Go Portable USB Blender (292817/292818) are eligible to join the challenge
18. If you do not have an InBodyWATCH, it is NECESSARY for you to purchase the InBodyWATCH to qualify for this challenge AND the Team Leader must purchase the BodyKey Jump Start Kit with InBody Dial to qualify for this challenge.
19. IMPORTANT: During the online registration, Team Leader must fill in details according to the criteria set by Amway for all members and upload receipts from purchases of BodyKey kits. Each ABO must provide their proof of purchase i.e. receipts (1 ABO per transaction per receipt). Amway Malaysia and Brunei reserves the right to reject your participation in this challenge should you disregard this condition.
20. To start the challenge, each member must download and install the BK app (version 2.1). Everyone must register themselves for the Star Challenge in the app before 10pm, 28 June 2020. Failure to do so will result in auto-disqualification.
21. The Star Challenge enables challengers to earn star points upon task completion in the app. Successful star point earnings entitles each challenger a reward at day 15, 30 and 45. If you did not achieve the star points needed for day 15, you can continue with the challenge and work towards earning the points needed for day 30 and 45 but you won’t be eligible for rewards which you have already missed. Star points will be accumulated till the challenge ends.
22. For day 60, each member must lose a minimum of 5% Weight or 3% Fat to redeem the final reward. Star points do not need to be collected for day 60. IMPORTANT: please choose in advance whether to participate in the Weight or Fat category AS A TEAM before the challenge begins. Each member may only participate in one challenge under the same Team Leader.
23. To redeem your reward(s) for day 15, 30 and 45, you must upload an app screenshot of star points earnt for that specific day (Example: The screenshot must show Day 15 on the top upper left corner of your app in order to collect Day 15 prizes; Screenshots beyond the date or without the date will not be entitled for rewards.)
24. For day 60, each member must lose a minimum of 5% Weight or 3% Fat to redeem the final reward.
25. Star points redemptions (via app screenshot uploads) can only be done on Day 15, Day 30, and Day 45 from 10am-10pm. Any late submissions will not be entertained. Any rejected entries can be resubmitted before 10pm on the following day. Any resubmissions after 10pm on the following day will not be entertained. Anyone who fails to collect the rewards on the specified days will be automatically NOT ALLOWED to claim the rewards. Appeals will be based on valid reasons with proof, and Amway reserves the right to award unclaimed rewards. Refer to numbers 4 and 16 for more info.
26. Team Leaders can submit/upload screenshots on behalf of other members. The rewards earnt by the team will be delivered to the Team Leader ONLY. Amway reserves the right to change or overwrite the delivery terms subject to changes due to any unforeseen circumstances
27. Amway Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. shall not be responsible for lost entries and proof of transmission will not be accepted as proof of receipt.
28. All members must upload a video according to the weigh-in and weigh-out criteria to verify their results without any disputes. Pictures of the weigh-in/out will not be accepted.
29. Failure to upload the weigh-in/out videos or purchase receipts within the registration period will be deemed as AUTO-disqualification despite successfully registered via the BodyKey website.
30. Team Leader will be held responsible for all details submitted by team members. Upon online registration, changes to personal details are not allowed. Do not send the online registration email which contains the login ID and password to others who are not in your team. In doing so, the team will be disqualified from this challenge.
31. Members must have valid email addresses (which are active) upon joining this challenge as all important communications are via emails.
Extra Rewards(Team Leaders Only)
32. As the Team Leader, you can choose to participate in the Star Challenge as per the mechanics and claim the rewards as you earn your star points.
33. However, to earn extra rewards on top of the rewards stipulated in the ‘mechanic’ section, form a team of 9 (including yourself + 1 New ABO member) and ensure each ABO member under you achieves the criteria stipulated in the same section.
34. A new ABO is defined as someone who has signed up to become an Amway Business Owner (ABO) from 1 January 2020 onwards.
35. Extra rewards are according to day 15, 30, 45 and 60 achievements. However, for day 60, everyone in the team must achieve the minimum Weight or Fat loss, which is 5% Weight or 3% Fat respectively as a team.
36. Team Leader can take part in ONE (1) team challenge. Multiple team challenges are not allowed.
Winner Criteria & Result Announcement
37. Winners’ result will be determined based on Weight or Fat loss. Winners’ result will also be determined based on the best visible changes seen in the “Before” and “After” photos. If winners meet the required Weight or Fat loss, but the “Before” and “After” pictures are not visibly different, Amway Malaysia and Brunei reserves the right to interview the winners and reserve the right to not publish their results although the team is considered a top winning team.
38. Everyone in a team must place equal effort in losing Weight or Fat. A single member from the team should not dominate the Weight or Fat results (Example: team members who achieve 5%, 19% and 6% weight loss) will not be considered a winner. Instead, a team that has similar or equal Weight or Fat losses (Example: team members who achieve 8%, 9% and 10% weight loss) will be considered as winners. The differences in percentages for each team member should ideally be +/- 5%.
39. Amway will not announce the results of ALL winning teams who completed the 60-day Star Challenge and reserves the right to verify all results and only choose those who meet the criteria and are aligned with the BodyKey weight loss philosophy prior to publishing results.
40. Results will be published on the BodyKey brand site by November 2020. Amway Malaysia and Brunei reserves the right to make amendments to the announcement date should there be a need for further verification of results.
41. Amway Malaysia and Brunei reserve the rights to replace the rewards with another item or reward of equivalent value.
42. Winners must provide his/her’s testimonial by the end of the challenge and must agree to be interviewed, photographed, videotaped and attend any official company-organised events and activities pertaining to this challenge. Members may be required to share experiences from this challenge publicly during these events and activities.
43. All testimonials, interviews, photographs and videos received or taken and all copyrights shall belong to Amway Malaysia and Brunei and can be used by Amway Malaysia and Brunei in advertorials via any platform, including sales, promotions and other publicity activities via multiple communication channels, including but not restricted to digital or printed.
Other Important Details
44. Members must be committed to stay on the challenge for 60 days consecutively. Should there be any team member who withdraws during the challenge, the entire team will be DISQUALIFIED from the challenge.
45. Should there be any team member who suffers from an injury, accident or passes away during the challenge period, the entire team will be DISQUALIFIED from the challenge.
46. Members must consult their medical practitioner for a complete medical evaluation to ensure that they are safe to exercise, alter their diet plan and undergo a weight management programme prior to registration and before the start of this challenge. This challenge is not intended for pregnant women, or individuals with any type of health condition.
47. Members must be physically fit, mentally stable, in good health and possess no medical condition to complete this challenge.
48. Amway Malaysia and Brunei reserves the rights to change or overwrite the criteria, terms and conditions and rewards of this challenge in the event of any dispute without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, uncertainty or ambiguity relating to the criteria and regulations hereto, or any matter involving this challenge, the matter shall be resolved by Amway Malaysia and Brunei in its absolute and unfettered discretion, and the entire decision in the matter shall be conclusive and final.
49. All entries and information submitted must be truthful and accurate. If it is found untruth or deceiving, Amway Malaysia and Brunei reserve the rights to disqualify any team.
50. Amway Malaysia and Brunei reserve the rights in its sole discretion to disqualify any member who has breached any of the criteria and terms and conditions or has engaged in any unlawful or other improper misconduct calculated to jeopardise the fair and proper conduct of the challenge. Amway Malaysia and Brunei’s legal rights to recover damages or compensation from such persons are reserved.
51. Members will participate at their own risk and Amway Malaysia and Brunei will not be responsible or held liable for any claims, errors, or any omissions to injury to members or property arising from training, events, and activities or during participation throughout this challenge.
52. Any enquiries or appeals (with valid reasons only, subject to Amway’s approval) must be made via email mymarketing@amway.com as phone calls or WhatsApp messages will not be entertained.